Applications 2013

During two intense days, many of these applications were created by groups of problem proposers and DMU students. Many of the prototypes were effectively developed, with plans to further develop AutisMe.

The following applications were developed in the successful event of Hackathon 2013.


AutisMe is an app that is created for those who are diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. The app looks to empower, support and help individuals on a daily basis, leaving them feeling free and independent. It is very simple and user-friendly, allowing the user to insert as much information was they wish. 

The AutisMe app is available on Google Play and has received great reviews. It has also gained the support of Baroness Angela Browning, Vice President of the National Autistic Society from the House of Lords, for further development of the application.

Lone Care Worker 

The Lone Care Worker Alert application uses a Java server and GPS enabled mobile phones of social care workers to locate them centrally on a map when they are visiting patients or elderly on their own and when they want to be traced.

Resource sharing software for charities in Leicestershire

This application created a web interface using PHP and the relevant databases for charities to report their transport facilities, times of usage and free times by checking in and out with the facility of searching for free resources for other charities

Automation of task checking performed through mobile devices

This application is aimed at young people in need of care. It was developed when new game programming students joined the event on the second day. Within 7 hours they created a prototype for an application that lists several tasks assigned by the carer to the Android phone of the people who are under care. It aims to receive confirmation and completion of tasks. 


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