Research Areas

Some of the topics and streams this research group will be focusing on include but not limited to:

Base technologies:

  • Agents technologies, e.g. architectures, ontology, agent-oriented software engineering
  • Cognitive systems, e.g. emotions, interaction, context-awareness.
  • Networked systems, e.g. 3G and 4G mobile networks, location-based services, network optimization models using swarm intelligence.
  • Computational linguistics, text mining and machine learning techniques

Applicable technologies:

  • Mobile computing, e.g. smartphones, ad hoc networks, location-based services
  • Analytics, big data acquisition and mining
  • Dialogue-based systems
  • Mobile device and communication technology
  • Cyber security and digital forensics in mobile computing and communication


  • eLearning
  • Health and bio informatics
  • Social data stream analysis (business intelligence)
  • Development and optimisation of mobile applications  

Research projects

  1. Stress detection from non-visual peripheral devices
  2. Psychologically Grounded and Personalised Emotion Modelling (multiple projects) 
  3. Emotion Predication for Intelligent Tutoring System in Natural Work Places using MS Kinect
  4. Agent-Oriented Agile Based (AOAB) Methodology for Game Development
  5. Knowledge management with Decision Support for Admission and Student Mobility (3 projects)
  6. Impact of Social Networking Apps on M-Learning

Project Partners:

University of Valencia

University of Hokkaido 

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