Mobile Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems

Exploring emotions, interaction, context-awareness

Mobile Computing

Smartphones, ad hoc networks and location-based services

Network Systems

3G and 4G mobile networks, location-based services, network optimization models using swarm intelligence


Mobile Cognitive Systems (MCS) Research group

Mobile Cognitive Systems Research Group is to combines the efforts of DMU Faculty of Technology staff in two areas that are currently enjoying exciting technological advances and the support of funding bodies, namely Mobile Computing and Cognitive Systems. These two areas are identified as growth areas of computing in the next 5-15 years with the increased use of mobile phones, intelligent interfaces, and social media in what is becoming the “internet of things”. 

The group objectives are therefore to:

  • Develop base technologies for mobile applications with cognitive (human-like) intelligence,
  • Develop novel tools and methods for mobile devices and networks (e.g., optimisation of mobile computing codes),
  • Innovative solutions and applications in other fields, e.g., healthcare, elearning, big data analytics, etc., and
  • Distinguish itself by deploying innovative agent technologies.

Mobile and Cognitive Systems are multi-disciplinary and have many controversial ethical issues from data storage to psychological and social effects. Thus MCS research group members always seek active collaboration with scholars in relevant areas of research such as ethics and morality, cognitive psychology, sociology, linguistics, philosophy and neuroscience. 


There are three major themes running in the research group. Within each theme there are several areas of expertis.


Business Intelligence

Data and Text Mining

Big Data and Data/Knowledge Management

Agents-based Knowledge Engineering

Computational Linguistics


Mobile Computing

Ad hoc Networks

Mobile Devices and Mobile Applications

Location-based Services

Cloud Computing

Information Security and Immune-based Systems


Cognitive Computation

Cognitive Agents/Robot

Personalised Services

Adaptive Interfaces

Emotions Modeling and Recognition

Emotionally-aware Devices

Context-aware Systems


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Dr. Aladdin Ayesh

Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University
Gateway House 5.34
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Tel: +44 (0)116 2506295


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