MA/MPhil/PhD study

Members of the Media Discourse Group are closely involved in the delivery of the new MA Investigative Journalism, run in conjunction with Channel Four from October 2016: 


PhD students 

Fernanda Amaral (Media Discourse: a study of social media use and public discourse in the Rio de Janeiro favelas)

Batal Almutairi (Media Discourse: politics and social media use in Kuwait)

Ganiyat Adenle (Media Discourse: women in Nigerian news media - status, experiences and structures)

Zoe Armour (Media Discourse: an ethnographic study of sub-cultural participation in electronic dance music culture)

Khadijah Aroyewun-Adekomaiya (Media Discourse: role of the media in forming attitudes to psychological treatment in Nigeria)

Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu (Media Discourse: the BBC Asian network)

Ahmed Bahiya (Media Discourse: gendered identity and social media use)

Tor Clark (Media Discourse: local democracy and the Press)

Abimbola Kehinde (Media Discourse: the social context of educational use of Internet technologies in colleges of education in Lagos State, Nigeria)

Nagham Naddour (Media Discourse: gender representation in Middle Eastern film)

Humayra Sadiq (Media Discourse: media coverage of the Paris attacks)

Claire Sedgwick (Media Discourse: the feminist journal ‘Spare Rib’)

Hao Shuang (Media Discourse: comparative analysis of advertising in China and the UK - begins October 2016)

Yu Sui (Media Discourse: rumour and the internet in China) 

PhD Awards 

Dr Sheila Cameron, as 1st Supervisor, passed 2008

Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido, as 1st Supervisor, passed without corrections 2013

Dr Cassian Vian, as 1st Supervisor, passed 2014 

MA/MPhil/PhD study 

The Group would welcome further applications from Research students. We offer expertise in the following areas: 

Media Discourse and Social/Digital Media

Media Discourse, Gender and Identity

Media Discourse and Disability

Media Discourse and Advertising

Media Discourse and Ethnography

Media Discourse and Politics

Media Discourse and Feminism

Media Discourse and Representations of Class

Media Discourse and Protest

Media Discourse and the Event

Media Discourse and Journalism

Media Discourse and Critical Security Studies 

Although Media Discourse began as a study of ‘text’, our approach includes the analysis of Mediated Communication (especially Public Events) and citizen use of Social and Digital Media. 

The development of ‘New’ Media, in particular, constitutes a challenge to the ways in which communication forms are both circulated and understood. As Wood has observed, ‘the logic of information ‘flow’ produces instability in any structure of meaning’ (2009, 201). This challenge to established practices seems to demand a more nuanced understanding of the contemporary character of those exchanges that constitute the public, mediated ‘event’. 

The task as we conceive it is to analyse the production, consumption and interpretation of communication in the contemporary media environment, without abandoning our critical approach to public communication. 

For further information please contact: 

Professor Stuart Price



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