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Cyber Security Centre

The Cyber Security Centre (CSC) is a multidisciplinary group of academics and industry experts who focus on a wide variety of cyber security and digital forensics issues. The Centre's mission is to provide the full benefits to all of a safe, secure and resilient cyberspace.

The work of the CSC combines a thorough understanding of the real-world digital environment with deep insights into its underlying foundations. From the subtle, technical aspects of network security and live forensics through to the intricate interplay between economics, psychology, policies and practice, the CSC combines expertise across disciplines to produce transformational solutions to hard problems.

The Cyber Security Centre covers three main areas of activity:

Education and Training

The CSC offers a variety of courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, a PhD programme, along with a wide selection of existing and bespoke training courses.


The CSC is engaged in research that spans Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) from low TRL, proof of concept work through to higher levels of readiness to provide new operational capabilities. We offer both government funded and commercial research in areas such as risk management, vehicle security and forensics, cyber defence, attribution and situational awareness.


Services offered by the CSC include cyber range facilities, specialist cyber security and digital forensics consultancy, expert witness services and cyber incident response.

An important aspect of the CSC is its role as a trusted, independent source of help and advice. We are proud to be involved in initiatives such as the Campus Cyber Champions and with the Trustworthy Software Initiative| (TSI), which is operated by the Centre on behalf of a public-private partnership. The CSC also contributes to the development of national and international cyber security standards, and advises the government and other organisations through our membership of a wide variety of groups and professional bodies.

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