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Generic Research Context

With the rapid development and maturity and the latest emerging technologies such as advanced sensing, mobile computing, the Internet of Things, pervasive computing, cloud computing, coupled with sprevalence of mart objects/device, a new wave of applications which support context awareness, novel multimodal interactions, personalisation, adaptation, high-level automation, anywhere and anytime computing, have attracted increasing attention. Such applications, including these built upon the conception of smart homes, smart cities, intelligent transport, service robots, smart cyber-physical systems, to name but a few, will change the way we live, work, travel and do business, thus having the huge potential of impacting the society and economy. The Context, Intelligence and Interaction Research Group (CIIRG) aims to develop models, methods, approaches, tools, technology infrastructure and platforms for complex systems which are concerned with, or support context, intelligence and interaction, in particular within pervasive intelligent environments.


Potential Topics (not limited to)

  • Context modelling and inference, context awareness
  • Activity modelling and recognition
  • Computational behaviours analysis, pattern recognition
  • Semantic / knowledge based intelligent data/information processing, automation and autonomy
  • Data analytics and emergent intelligence
  • Multi-modal human machine interactions (e.g. touch screen, gesture, speech)
  • UI or service personalisation and adaptation
  • Smart environments, e.g. smart homes and smart cities
  • Smart cyber physical systems
  • Assistive technologies in ambient assisted living
  • Personalised health care

Highly motivated, passionate students interested in PhD study are always welcome to contact Prof Liming Chen to discuss your ambition and aspiration. We are much keen on hearing your novel ideas and research plans. Nevertheless, we also provide a number of specific PhD research projects for your consideration.

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