All Services Through One Utility Project

Feasibility Analysis of Supplying All Services Through One Utility Product

EPSRC Grant (EP/J005592/1), (2011-2013)

Collaborators: Cranfield University, Leicester University and Sheffield University

Project outline:

All-in-One is an EPSRC funded 2011 Sandpit project and investigates a challenging question: “Can a single utility product and/or infrastructure be sufficient to supply all the household services and products that the end users need and/or want?” Is it feasible to satisfy all the needs that are being satisfied by different utilities today such as water, electricity, gas, waste removal, sewage, and communication by only one utility provision or infrastructure? Can we achieve this vision in 2111? If so, how? The output of the project will create a roadmap for scientists and engineers by identifying the existing challenges and gaps in science and technology that prevent one utility product from supplying all the services.

CESAS contribution to the project:

  • Needs requirements and specification
  • Benchmarks for water
  • Benchmarks for energy
  • Vignette on the utility provision methodology at the household level
  • XML database - design and implementation
  • XML database content
  • Simulator of household utility provision (transformation graphs)
  • Automatic generation of feasible/optimised transformation graphs
  • Vignette on the utility provision at the district level

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