Project Abstracts

Project Abstracts for the CCSR can be found below:

Global Model and Observatory for International Responsible Research and Innovation Coordination (RESPONSIBILITY)

The RESPONSIBILITY project aims to create a network of stakeholders that would adopt and diffuse a common understanding in Responsible Research and Innovation between different actors in Europe and around the globe. In doing so it will develop a model and provide a tool for international cooperation, the RESPONSIBILITY Observatory, involving the societal, policy and research stakeholders to these activities. It intends to provide practical means and structure a crucial interaction between society and research, providing a set of recommendations and tools to policy makers and active RRI stakeholders in order to take the necessary measures to nest responsible research and innovation into products and services from the very beginning (“efficient RRI by design”).

Governance of Responsible Innovation (GREAT)

The GREAT project will develop an empirically based and theoretically sound model of the role of responsible research and innovation governance. The project will explore the dynamics of participation in research and innovation, and investigate the characteristics of responsible practices. It will investigate the nature of new partnerships among various stakeholders, researchers and policy makers that are developing within innovation networks and the influence that these developments have on knowledge production and policy. This will be done; a) by determining the characteristics of research and innovation; b) involving diverse groupings; c) determining the social processes involved in responsible research and innovation practices.

In doing so, the GREAT project will address all three issues requested in the call: 

a)  It will explore the knowledge and research potential of multi-stakeholder approaches in research
b)  It will investigate how responsible innovation is involved in research processes
c)  It will use this knowledge to inform policy makers on how to integrate responsible innovation in further research activities

Identification and Governance of Emerging Ethical Issues in Information Systems (IDEGOV)

The IDEGOV project, a year-long research project on emerging ethical issues in information systems (IS) sought to identify ethical issues in IS and looked at governance structures to deal with such issues. The project was a departure from the ETICA (Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications) and EGAIS (Ethical GovernAnce of emergIng technologieS) projects which were conducted from 2009 and ended in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Where the ETICA project concentrated on high level emerging future ICTs that were likely to have a general impact on society, the EGAIS project looked at current approaches to ethical governance in projects with technical development. Despite the two projects looking at emerging technologies and governance, there was a gap that the IDEGOV project aimed to fill. This gap applied more specificity to a particular area of research, of which area was IS. This was specifically with a view to understanding the possible ethical issues that were emerging as new technologies were being used in the field. Therefore, the research took the view that in order to understand the impact of new and emerging technologies; it is important to understand the challenges presented as the technologies become main-stream in IS. To do this, the main aim was to Identify Ethical Issues of Emerging ICTs and Appropriate Governance Structures. To address this, the research team investigated the following areas:

  1. Current and emerging technologies 
  2. Ethics 
  3. Governance

To help inform the research findings and meet the project aim, the team sought the perceptions, experience and opinions of IS practitioners from across the globe. With their input, IDEGOV identified ethical issues in IS, governance structures, suggested ethical solutions and provided recommendations. 



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