Adopt a Woman campaign

Chili Bouchier

‘Chili Bouchier c. 1935’

Are you interested in the history of women working in the film and TV industries? If so, please get involved in our Adopt a Woman campaign.

The CATH Research Centre is collaborating with the BECTU Oral History Archive to highlight the role of women working in the film and TV industries from the early 20th Century to the present.

The BECTU oral history archive includes around 100 interviews with women working in front of and behind the camera. These vary from an hour to several hours in length and range from silent film pianists to continuity ‘girls’, producers and directors, costume designers, scriptwriters and actors. The list includes well-known actors like Sheila Hancock and Molly Sugden alongside lesser known women like laboratory technician Queenie Turner or early programme planner Nancy Thomas. The interviews offer fascinating insights into the film and TV industries over the past one hundred years, often from  perspectives overlooked in official histories.

We are looking for interested people to come forward and adopt a woman; to transcribe the interview from tape or CD into a Word document, to cross-check dates, names and factual information and furthermore to add value to the interview by appending explanatory notes where relevant and highlighting approximately 3,000 words from the interview that would be essential if the interview were to be published on line in a shortened form.  For an example of the type of thing we are looking for see the PDF of an extract from the Aida Young interview   .

If you want to adopt a woman, here’s what you need to do:

  • Check out the list of names from the list in the BECTU Adopt a Woman Campaign list (PDF) 
  • Contact Laraine Porter or Steve Chibnall on Please insert ‘adopt a woman’ in the subject line with your chosen adoptee.

We will then supply you with the interview on either on magnetic tape or CD and offer advice on how to proceed.

The resulting transcriptions will be lodged at the BFI Library and made available to researchers and historians.

Image courtesy of the Steve Chibnall archive

Posted on Wednesday 30th November 2011

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