Located in the Innovation Centre the rapid product development and manufacturing facilities at DMU are amongst the best in the UK. The group has an extensive range of machines capable of producing both prototype and production parts, specialised CAD/CAM software, contact and noncontact scanning reverse engineering equipment as well as material test equipment to underpin out teaching and research. Machinery includes:

  • Stereolithography: produces high quality transparent resin models that can be used for fit & function for evaluation of new products
  • Fused Deposition Modelling: provides a flexible method for producing low cost functional plastic parts from ABS plastic.
  • Zcorp 3D Printing: enabling the rapid production of low cost concept models
  • Laser sintering/melting: enabling functional prototypes and production parts to be made from a wide range of metals and plastics

In addition the AMTG also has research machines:

  • Selective Laser Printing (SLP400): deposits a wide range of plastic materials very quickly to enable low volume production application to be supported
  • Nscrypt 3DN300 bioplotter: deposits fine lines of conductive and non conductive materials, opening up the potential to generate electromechanical devices particularly in the medical sector



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