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The Pharmacology research Group uses in vitro and in vivo models to investigate the effect of drugs on body systems. The research focuses in two areas, Neuropharmacology and Cell Signaling.

The Neuropharmacology group is interested in the action of drugs on brain function, with particular reference to how the brain changes structurally and functionally in response to drugs used in the treatment of psychiatric disorders including: depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and dementia. For these purposes we are using a range of molecular techniques for the investigation of genes, proteins and neurotransmitters implicated in their mode of action as well as in vivo electrophysiological techniques to investigate their effects on neuronal function.

Work in the Cell Signaling Laboratory investigates the regulation and function of mammalian cells in the context of health and disease. The research involves studies on cells in culture, both primary cells and cell lines, and uses a wide variety of molecular, cell biology and biochemical techniques. In addition to the usual molecular/biochemical research resources, the facility includes a Leica confocal microscope and BD research flow cytometer.

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