Electrostatic Powder Flow Sensor

Electrostatic Measurements

Process specific, real-time powder flow measurements.


Electrostatic Powder Flow Sensor (EPF)

An electrostatic powder flow sensor (EPF) has been developed which measures the electrical charges on moving particles.

The fluctuation in these charges produces an electrostatic ‘noise’ signature, the characteristics  of which depend on the mass flow rate of powder and the associated input variables  (i.e. material attributes and process parameters).

Features of the Technology

  • Sensitive to material attributes and process parameters.
  • Retrofit capability for a number of different processes with different flow regimes.
  • Signal analysis techniques that can be used to derive process dependant information on the powder flow behaviour.
  • Non-intrusive, simple to operate and provides real-time information.



Professor Geoff Smith

E:  gsmith02@dmu.ac.uk

T:  +44 (0)116 250 6298

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