The practical exercise study

The new surveys match a new study that measures the expenditure of calories in exercise. We have equipped a new laboratory to deal with this aspect of diabetic life and are presently looking for local volunteers (with easy access to Leicester UK) to help by attending for six weeks twice a week. We will need you to stay behind for an hour each time as they are some other activities to complete while we check that you have no hypoglycaemia or other ill effects.

The total time for each visit will be two hours. The frequency and regularity are the keys to getting dependable results. We know we are asking for quite a commitment and there will be a payment for complete attendance as well as the payment of expenses.

The visits would involve some very mild weight training and cycling on a static cycle machine, while breathing into a small mask. These are systematically organised and there will be trainer there to help. The weight training is to affect muscle density and strength and the cycling is to improve the cardiovascular system. We expect to be able to see some real improvement within six weeks for those people completing the course.

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