E-voting project

Brief information about the objectives:

This research was commissioned by a range of partners, all of whom have an interest in ensuring that any implementation of e-voting is both effective and appropriate to UK democracy. It had two main aims:

i) To understand the context in which remote electronic voting can be successfully introduced.

ii) To prepare the ground for prospective implementation.

Timetable: 2001-2002

Research team:

Dr Lawrence Pratchett (lead researcher)

Dr Melvin Wingfield

Research outputs:

L. Pratchett, M. Wingfield, N. B. Fairweather and S. Rogerson 'Balancing security and simplicity in e-voting: Towards an effective compromise' in A. Trechsel and F. Mendez (eds) The European Union and e-Voting Routledge– forthcoming (July 2004)

L. Pratchett and M. Wingfield 'Electronic voting in the United Kingdom. Lessons and limitations from the UK Experience' in N. Kersting and H. Baldersheim (eds)

Electronic Voting and Democracy. A Comparative Analysis Palgrave – forthcoming (2004)

Pratchett, L. (2002) The Implementation of Electronic Voting in the UK, Local Government Association

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