COST IS1207 Local Public Sector Reforms An International Comparison LocRef

COS IS1207 - 'Local Public Sector Reforms: An International Comparison - LocRef' is bringing together a team of researchers with the specific aim of exploring and co-ordinating the existing international databases on local public sector reforms to generate a coherent data set for systematic comparison.  The work of the Action will streamline analytical approaches and synthesise research outcomes and provide a platform for establishing a new set of comparative (descriptive, explanatory and evaluative) data on local public sector reforms.  Action activities will yield policy relevant knowledge concerning local reform measures from a European perspective, which can then be utilised to improve policy making for future public sector modernisation.

The LGRU is leading WGIV of the Action exploring democratic renewal and focuses on recent reforms across Europe instigated since 2000 in two specific fields at the local level:

  1. Political structures and processes related to representative (and direct) democracy
  3. Civic and public engagement and developments in participative democracy

The WG activities will: Contextualise reforms into their national and international setting; assess the extent and effect of democratic reforms in 1 above on local democracy; examine the motivating policy and goals for the reforms identified and understand the political objectives; identify the source of reform; and examining the implications for local democracy of the most important institutional and procedural/process reforms.


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