Comparing local e-democracy: Experiences from Europe and the USA


The research is developing a systematic high level comparison of e-democracy in local governments across Europeand the USA .  In particular, it is addressing the following questions:

1. What is the range of e-democracy initiatives being developed in the various countries under analysis?

2. How much variation is there between countries in terms of the e-democracy developments and what are the main reasons for these variations?

3. How much variation is there within countries in terms of the e-democracy developments and what are the main reasons for these variations?

The research facilitates a stock take of different local e-democracy initiatives in each country and develops an understanding of the factors affecting take-up.  In particular, it focuses on understanding the directions that democracy is developing in each locality and the factors affecting it.

The European focus of the research is upon developments in the UK, Switzerland, Hungary, Estoniaand Spain, using a combination of qualitative and web-based analytical tools.  In the USA, a postal survey is being undertaken of approximately 3,000 municipal governments.


Field work in Spring/Summer 2006

First findings to be presented at the international e-democracy symposiums in Budapest (July 2006) and Baltimore (August 2006) - see

Further outputs to follow


Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (UK)


This is a collaborative project with:

Professor Don Norris, MIPAR (Universityof Maryland, Baltimore County )

Dr Uwe Serdult and Fernando Mendez, e-Democracy Centre (Universityof Geneva )

Research team (LGRU)

Professor Lawrence Pratchett (project lead)

Dr Scott Wright

Research Outputs:

Comparing Local e-democracy in Europe: A Preliminary Report. Report available here  

Understanding e-democracy developments in Europe. Report available here 

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