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Globalising Actors' in Small Multinational Companies: How do UK SMEs develop the capabilities to operate internationally?

This research, on which Phil Almond is working with Tony Edwards of King’s College London, is funded by the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurships Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) fund. It addresses how small firms manage their international operations and develop the capacities and contacts necessary to meet these challenges. In particular, how do key individuals in SMEs develop the skills and networks that they necessary to become successful ‘globalising actors’? 

The research is organised around the following questions:

  • How much, and what sort, of control do they seek to exercise over their operations in different countries? 
  • To what extent do small MNCs engage in a process of knowledge transfer or organisational learning as they internationalise?  
  • How do small MNCs approach the question of who will hold key positions in their international operations and who will be mobile across them?

In addressing these questions we examine how such firms overcome (or fail to overcome) barriers to the internationalisation process and establish the knowledge and networks that they need. How SMEs overcome the barriers in this respect is central to the sustainable performance of this crucial segment of our economy. 

Contact: Phil Almond

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