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A central aim of the CEG at De Montfort University is to foster interest and dialogue among students and members of the public regarding European issues. We do this by creating spaces for debate and opinion-sharing across all academic levels; so if you have an interest in European studies or issues, get involved with those with similar interests:

Social Media

For a regularly updated discussion of current European affairs, follow us on Twitter @DMU_CEG. We update our Twitter feed regularly with news of European affairs, and it is the best place to comment on and gauge a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the news.

The CEG Blog

The CEG Blog is the place to go for detailed discussions of subjects from European governance to European criminal law. We encourage readers and contributors to interact across all academic levels, and feel free to post on their own interest areas within European studies. Please note, the CEG is currently under further development, and it's full functionality will be restored shortly.

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