Projects overview

Textile research is by its very nature multi-disciplinary and this is reflected in the wide range of projects undertaken:

    Research that aims to explore new techniques for the textiles industry and boost sustainability. Funded by the Art Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
    The key aim of the project is to develop protective uniforms that incorporate multiple protective properties, designed for rescue teams and emergency services/organisations that work under complex and hazardous conditions.
  • ENZUP 
    To provide SME’s with novel enzymatic technology for improving the quality and performance of wool-containing products, which look to meet the needs consumers.
    The development of a cross cluster best practice platform for entrepreneurial innovation - for the technical textile sector.
    This project investigated alternative methods of reliably producing good quality, short fibre flax with high value textile end uses in mind. In this investigation, quality relates to the usefulness of the fibre for processing on the cotton-spinning systems; good quality fibre has high value in the market place; and the economics of the supply chain are attractive at all stages of fibre production and processing.
    This project investigates the novel method for improved extraction of fibres from bast fibre crops, such as flax and hemp.                           

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