The development of a cross cluster best practice platform for entrepreneurial innovation - for the technical textile sector

The European (EU) textiles sector has an annual turnover of 200 billion euros and represents around 4% of the EU’s manufacturing production and 7% of manufacturing employment.

In the face of massive labour cost disadvantages, the production of a relatively low value and labour intensive product such as textiles is a real challenge facing the industry today.

The vision of the project is to strengthen the European textile manufacturers production’ moving from low value added textile materials to high value added technical textiles products, using new technological capabilities.

The aim of the InnoTex project is to develop a best practice platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for the technical textiles industry. By identifying and facilitating the transfer of innovation and entrepreneurship best practice between the complementary clusters in the technical textiles sectors.

To achieve this aim, three specific objectives have been identified:

  • To support networking activities between existing business clusters that operate in the same or different sectors in Europe and confirm the need for establishing European level co-operation platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices between stakeholders in Europe.
  • To promote co-operation among industrial clusters in the most advanced regions in Europe in order to exchange experience and expertise and to develop policy recommendations which can be shared with others and in particular; less advanced regions.
  • To allow possible synergies and exchange of knowledge from different disciplines for the development of joint programmes and the establishment of joint projects and business strategies between participant clusters.

Project Partners:

  • Pera Innovation Limited - UK (Coordinator)
  • Leicester Shire Economic Partnerships (LSEP) - UK
  • Leicestershire Intelligence (LI) - UK
  • De Montfort University - UK
  • - Denmark
  • UdviklingsCenter Hadersley - Denmark
  • Elvström Sails A/S - Denmark
  • Pera Inspiralia - Spain
  • Federación de Industrias Textiles
  • y de la Confección de Aragón (FITCA) - Spain
  • Fundación San Valero - Spain
  • Estonian Clothing and Textile Association - Estonia
  • Enterprise Estonia - Estonia 
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