Laser enhanced dyeing of wool and wool blend textiles

A unique laser technique developed from current research, uses a laser to engrave woollen textiles and designs can be laser marked on the surface of the cloth. The process can also remove microscopic scales from the wool fibre surface, resulting in an enhanced dye performance in the laser-treated areas.

It was demonstrated that the laser pre-treated wool can be dyed at a reduced temperature and time, saving water and energy as well as combining coloration and patterning in one process. During the coloration, the potential for an estimated 54% reduction of energy was displayed.Textile performance tests show that high fastness to washing and rubbing was achieved to meet current industry and consumer standards.

Laser engraving can also remove the felted or brushed surface fibres of milled wool, to reveal the underlying woven structure. This can provide three-dimensional relief surfaces in parallel with the multi-tonal design effects.





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