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MA in Photographic History

Dedicated to the study and research of the history of photography and photographic practice, the course allows you to examine different approaches to photographic history, including cultural history, history of science and visual studies. The course aims to enhance skills in scholarly research based on primary materials in photographic history. This will prepare you to work with photographs, cameras, technical apparatus, manuscripts and historical and theoretical studies.

The MA allows you to aquire tools for further or ongoing work as a professional, or the platform from which you may begin PhD-level research.

For more information please contact:
Online enquiry form
Telephone enquiries:  +44 (0)116  2 50 60 70

For course-specific details please contact:

Dr Kelley Wilder
+44 (0)116 207 8865

MA/MPhil/PhD Research 

Our PhD programme allows you to engage in sustained and detailed study in a specific area, requiring you to make an original contribution to knowledge and become an expert in your field. You must also demonstrate a mastery of research methodology.

A PhD offers many benefits including a route into an academic post or full-time researcher role, personal prestige and career enhancement for professionals.

It is also possible to take an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) which is a shorter version of a PhD and is awarded for research which demonstrates a command of existing knowledge within a specific discipline. It is possible to start an MPhil and then transfer to a PhD after one year if your supervisors agree. MPhils are assessed by viva voce examination.

For more information please contact:
Online enquiry form
Telephone enquiries:  +44 (0)116  2 50 60 70

Professor Edwards is happy to discuss preliminary proposals with prospective PhD applicants.


Current graduate research students


Katie Cooke
The dynamics of influence and information: the development of aesthetics and discourse within an online photographic subculture.

Michael Robinson
The Techniques and Material Aesthetics of the Daguerreotype

Anke Schurer-Ries
Portraying Piety. The institutions contexts of official portraiture in the Basel Mission collections: the Fritz Ramseyer collection.

Duncan Shields
Alfred Maudslay; Photography and the Mimetic Technologies of Archaeology.

Rebecca Swift
From Recession to Recession: Trends in UK Commercial Photography 1979 to 2009.

Gareth Syvret
Les Îles d’la Manche: Photography in the Channel Islands 1840 - 1870

Benjamin Tree
A Genealogy of Subjectivity: Looking at Narratives of Self and Selfhood in Photobooks: 1950s-1960s

Leigh Gleason
Keystone View Company and Stereoscopy in Twentieth Century America

Rebecca Smith
The Daily Herald: The anatomy of a newspaper photographic archive 

Oyedepo Olukotun
Purveyors of the Social Self: The Practice of Ibadan Photographers from the 1950s to 1990s

Marta Binazzi
All Rights Reserved. Copyright and Patent Laws’ Impact on the Commercialisation of Permanent Photographs of Artworks in Europe: 1865-1900

Michelle Hamers
Visual Voyage of Palestine Refugees - the Social and Political Life of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's Photo Archive

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