Dr Dave Dee
Senior Lecturer in Modern History with research interests in the history of ethnicity and immigration in Western society and British sport history. 

Dr John Martin
Reader in Agrarian History who specializes in the history of British agriculture during the twentieth century. 

Dr Kenneth Morrison
Professor in Modern Southeast European History and a leading specialist in the history and politics of Yugoslavia and its successor states. 

Professor Panikos Panayi
Leading authority on the history of immigration and ethnic minorities and programme leader in history. 

Dr Pippa Virdee
Senior Lecturer in South Asian History who works on the history of population displacement in south Asia and is a leading expert on the history of Pakistan 

Dr Elizabeth Lambourn
Reader in South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies whose research focuses on the mobility of people, things and ideas across Islamic South Asia and the Indian Ocean world in the medieval and early modern periods.

Dr Sophie Brockmann
VC2020 Lecturer in History. Historian of modern Central America, specialising in the role of scientific enquiry in Central America from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries

Current Research students:

  • Peter Harris, ‘The Work of the Military Service Tribunals and the Appeal Tribunal in Middlesex, 1916-1918’ (PhD)
  • Vimal Patel, ‘Caste in Britain: The Evolution of Hindu Gujarati caste Identity in India and Leicester, 1945-present’ (PhD)
  • Chris Zembe, ‘Overcoming Colonial and Post-colonial Ethnic and Racial Prejudices: The Construction of a Zimbabwean Community in Britain’ (PhD)
  • Aleksander Zdravkovski, ‘Politics and Religion in Serbia’s Sandzak region’ (PhD) Co-supervisor with Sabrina Ramet (NTSU, Trondheim, Norway).
  • Stacey Bridge, ‘Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan’ (MA by Independent Studies)
  • Helina Khatun, ‘The Role of Women in the Civil War in Bangladesh’ (MA by Independent Studies) 
  • Christina Williams, ‘The Bosnian Diaspora in the UK’ (MA by Independent Studies) 

Also see the staff listed on the International Centre for Sport History and Culture people page

Panikos PanayiProfessor Panikos Panayi
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