Cinema and Television History

Cinema and Television History Research Centre Overview

The establishment of a Cinema and Television History (CATH) Research Centre in DMU’s Faculty of Technology, is the natural extension of a momentum that has been building over the last decade.

During that time, staff within the Leicester Media School have become internationally known for ground-breaking work which has had a significant impact in a variety of fields of research.

In judging more than 35 per cent of the department’s outputs ‘world-leading (4*) the RAE 2008 panel commented; ‘Through its publications, the department has a substantial presence and reputation, particularly in the study of British cinema and television.’

Although work on these British media constitutes the core activity of the CATH Research Centre, it also embraces the wealth of high quality research that is being done on, for example, European cinema and Hollywood history.

The term ‘History’ does not imply that the Centre is interested purely in ‘old’ films and TV shows. Instead, the term is used, in a way common among film scholars, to refer to empirical scholarship on contextual issues – be they past or present – as opposed to ‘criticism’, which is primarily concerned with textual analysis and theories of representation. So the Centre’s approach includes work on contemporary policy, political economy and cultural and social impact that is grounded in the methodologies of historical research.

The Cinema and Television History Research Centre at De Montfort University invites applications to the Midlands 3 Cities Doctoral Training Partnership from UK and EU students . Members of the research group and their research interests are listed below:

Professor Steve Chibnall
British cinema history British cinema history

Stuart Hanson
History and policy of film exhibition in Britain

Dr. Ian Hunter
Genre and cult film, literary adaptation

Professor Barry Jordan
European cinema, Spanish film

Dr. Claire Monk
British cinema history, world cinema, audiences

Professor Robert Murphy
British and European cinema history

Professor Tim O’Sullivan
British cinema and television history

Laraine Porter
Silent cinema, film exhibition

Dr. James Russell
American cinema history and specialist audiences

Dr. Paul Smith
Broadcasting policy

Professor Andrew Tolson
British television history

Dr. Helen Wood
British television history, audiences

To find out more about CATH click here or to apply, click here.

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