Architecture Research Group Overview

The Architecture Research Group are actively engaged in community and practice based research that is of interest to a wide audience of beneficiaries in the academic and non-academic communities. The research work ranges from understanding the processes through which the making of the built environment constitutes and consolidates our cultural understanding, to the use of computation in design. 

The group actively research across the following spectrum of architectural disciplines: Architectural Design focusing on competitions, artefacts, exhibitions and publications relating to architectural design; Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism dealing with the history, philosophy and debate surrounding architectural design; Developing World Built Environment focusing on design strategies to encourage and promote sustainability.

The Architecture Research Group at De Montfort University invites applications to the Midlands 3 Cities Doctoral Training Partnership from UK and EU students. Members of the Architecture research group and their research interests are listed below:

  • Diana Periton:
    Urban history and theory from 19th century to the present;
    Architectural history and theory from 17th century to the present.
  • Dr Tim Martin:
    Psychoanalysis and space.
  • Dr Tim Ireland:
    Evolutionary and biologically inspired design and their application to architecture; Generative techniques in architectural design; Self-organisation and emergence - application to design/architecture;
    Systems thinking and cybernetics; Semiotics  and relevance to architecture and computational design;
    Computer aided creativity and computational creativity.
  • Ben Cowd:
    Craft of digital fabrication and the implication of drawing and making in Architectural design and representation.
  • Dr Jamileh Manoochehri:
    Housing design for sustainable communities

Click here for futher information about the Architecture Research Group or here to apply.

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