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Regulatory codes and legislation

There are many recognised codes and legislation relevant to the research you are doing. Below are just some of those which you should consult in addition to completing the review forms.

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Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1986/pdf/ukpga_19860014_en.pdf|

BBSRC Specific Conditions - specifies that applicants should consider whether their work is likely to give rise to societal concerns about the purpose of the research, or includes any social or ethical issues regarding its conduct or potential outcomes.  The section on Ethical Information in their Funding Application Form is the most rigorous of all the Research Councils.

British Psychological Society Ethics Guidelines

CIOMS 2002 - Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences, International Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects

Data Protection Act 1998

Directive 2001/20/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to the implementation of good clinical practice in the conduct of clinical trials on medicinal products for human use.

Directive 2005/28/EC laying down principles and details guidelines for good clinical practice as regards investigational medicinal products for human use, as well as the requirements for authorisation of the manufacturing or importation of such products.

The Engineering Council EC(UK)

The Ergonomics Society – Code of Professional Conduct http://www.ergonomics.org.uk|

European Society of Market and Opinion Research (ESOMAR) Guideline on Conducting Marketing and Opinion Research Using the Internet (2003)http://www.esomar.org|

European Science Foundation, 2000.ESF Science Policy Briefing 10: Good Scientific Practice in Research and Scholarship. Policy Briefing 10 http://www.esf.org/publications/corporate-publications.html?tx_ccdamdl_pi1%5Bpointer%5D=1&cHash=5facba551e|

European Science Foundation, 2008 Stewards of Integrity.
Institutional Approaches to Promote and Safeguard Good Research Practice in Europe.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2000/pdf/ukpga_20000036_en.pdf|

General Social Care Council, updated 2010. Code of Practice for Social Care Workers.

Government Social/Health Research (USA) http://ori.hhs.gov/education/products/montana_round1/issues.html|

Government Social Research (UK)

Human Rights Act 1998 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts1998/ukpga_19980042_en_1|

Human Tissue Act 2004 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2004/pdf/ukpga_20040030_en.pdf|

The Market Research Society MRS Code of Conduct: (Apr 2010) http://www.marketresearch.org.uk/standards/downloads/Code%20of%20Conduct%202010.pdf|

Mental Capacity Act 2005 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2005/pdf/ukpga_20050009_en.pdf|

MRC Ethics Series http://www.mrc.ac.uk/Ourresearch/Ethicsresearchguidance/MRC002578|

OHS 2003 - Oral History Society & Alan Ward, Copyright and Oral History: is your oral history ethical?

RCUK Policy and Code of Conduct on the Governance of Good Research Conduct – Integrity, Clarity and Good Management

Research Information Network, 2008. Stewardship of digital research data: a framework of principles and guidelines.

RESPECT The Respect Code of Practice for Socio-Economic Research. (2004)

Socio-Legal Studies Association Code

Terrorism Act 2006

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) Promoting good practice and preventing misconduct (September 2009)

Wellcome Trust, 2005. Guidelines on Good Research Practice, Including the Statement on the Handling of Allegations of Research Misconduct. 

http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/stellent/groups/corporatesite/@policy_communications/documents/ web_document/wtd002754.pdf|

National Advisory Groups:

Association of Research Ethics Committees (AREC) - produce guidance on handling issues; want uniformity and country-wide standard operating procedures but many universities don’t want to be bound by strict procedures.

UK University Research Ethics Committees Forum (UREC) - informal group providing a forum for those involved in Research Ethics within universities and ensures communication between UREC and AREC.  http://www.kcl.ac.uk/innovation/research/support/ethics/training/ukurecforum.aspx|

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