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Are you interested in an Erasmus+ period study or work placement as part of your degree but don’t know where to start? Want to find out about the EU grant for Erasmus+ students? These pages will guide you through the next steps.



All undergraduate students are eligible to study or work abroad with Erasmus+, subject to the conditions below. Most students study or work abroad after the completion of their second year of study at DMU.

Study exchange:

  • The study exchange must take place within one of your faculty’s partner institutions.
  • The study exchange period must be full-time, even if you are normally a part-time student at DMU.
  • The minimum period of study exchange is three months and maximum 12 months. This can be spent at more than one partner institution as long as each placement is a minimum of three months.

Check out the list of our partner institutions to find out which destinations are available for your subject area.

Work placement:

  • The work placement must be in line with your studies and signed off by the placements team and your personal tutor.
  • The work placement period must be full-time, even if you are normally a part-time student at DMU.
  • The minimum period of work placement is two months and maximum 12 months. This can be spent at more than one organisation as long as each placement is a minimum of two months.

You can contact your placements teams and check out the following websites to find out if work placements are available for your subject area (Please note that you can source your own work placement from other sources as well.):

Application process

All outgoing Erasmus+ study and work placements are managed by #DMUglobal.

To apply, visit the #DMUglobal Erasmus+ 2018-19 page.

Applications opened in November 2017 and will close on 19 February 2018.

If you need help deciding, we are happy to help. You can get in touch with the #DMUglobal team on 0116 257 7613 or or drop by Portland 0.37 from 2.30-4.30pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Funding and finance

If you are eligible to take part in Erasmus you can receive a grant from the European Commission, the amount of which will depend on your destination.

Erasmus grant: You may be able to receive an Erasmus+ grant as a contribution towards your period abroad. Further details will be made available during the application process.

There are also is significant financial help available to you through other sources. We also advise you to research information about the cost of living and the various expenses that you may occur during your year abroad.

Tuition fees: No university fees will need to be paid to your host intuition for tuition, registration or access to facilities, although small charges may be made for access to photocopying, printing and laboratory materials. There will also be no tuition fees for DMU, only an administration fee of £650 for home students (£750 for international students)

Student loan: If you normally receive a UK student loan, you will be able to apply for one to cover the Erasmus+ period abroad. It is your responsibility to notify your Local Education Authority and loan provider that you have been accepted as an Erasmus+ student, as this may affect the level of your maintenance loan.

Travel grant: You may be able to claim back a grant to help with travel expenses from Student Finance following your time abroad. The travel grant is income-assessed. To find out if you are eligible for the grant and to apply, you will need to fill in a form as part of your Student Finance application. Please contact your student finance provider for further information.


For students taking part in study exchange accommodation is usually available at the partner university’s halls of residence or through a recommended private accommodation provider of the host university – but always double check this with the Erasmus Team and your host university.

If you are carrying out a work placement, your accommodation will have to be arranged through a private provider – the faculty placements teams and the Erasmus Team at #DMUglobal will provide advice and guidance on how to secure your accommodation.

Language skills

The majority of our partner universities offer teaching in English, although some are only available in the native language. You should choose your placement carefully and take a look at the languages of instruction on our partner institutions page.

To help boost your language skills before Erasmus+ we even offer the chance for you to study one of three European languages on campus with #DMUglobal: French, Spanish and German. For more information visit Languages at DMU.

Once you are in country, the majority of our university partners also offer ongoing language classes so you can continue to improve you language skills.

Erasmus+ for Tier 4 students

Erasmus+ is open to anyone who is currently studying full or part-time towards a degree at DMU, and this includes International students who hold a Tier 4 visa.

However, you may need to obtain a visa for the country you will be studying in. Use the list of foreign embassies in the UK to find the website of the UK-based embassy of that country, which will tell you whether people of your nationality need to apply for a visa in order to study there.

It may also be necessary to extend your UK Tier 4 visa to include your period of time abroad and to ensure you are able to finish your registered course of study once you return to DMU. Please note that time spent on a study abroad programme is likely to be included in the 5-year maximum time limit for holding Tier 4 status set by the Home Office. You should speak to your faculty’s Erasmus Coordinator if you need further guidance or you think you will need to extend your visa.


On completion of your study or work placement you will be required to complete and submit a final evaluation report – more details will be sent to you at the appropriate time.

It doesn’t have to end here though – many more international experiences are available via #DMUglobal, both further travel and study opportunities as well as events held here on campus. Take a look at the #DMUglobal website to find out more!

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