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Information for Parents

Support your child at university 

Ensure that you are prepared to support your child during the process of applying to and attending university. 


Information for parents

For young people entering higher education, choosing the right university and course is a major decision. The information in this section is designed to guide parents, guardians or carers through the process and help you to assist your son or daughter in making the right choices.

The applying to university page provides a step-by-step guide to the application process and has suggestions of how you can provide support at different times of the journey.

The starting university page describes the transition from applicant to university student and shows how you can provide support throughout this process.

Why higher education?

There are many reasons to enter higher education and these can vary from:

  • Progressing a chosen career path
  • Being passionate about a subject
  • Enjoying the independence which studying at university brings

Whatever the reason, it's vital prospective students research their options thoroughly to ensure an informed decision is made.

Employers now look at your skills - such as capacity to learn, organisational expertise, interpersonal skills, independence, self-motivation and communication abilities - as well as qualifications.

DMU has more than 400 courses that can help students develop these skills as well as career-specific subject knowledge, giving them a greater choice, greater job flexibility and the opportunity to earn a higher salary.

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