Student community life

Leicester is a rich, warm and multi-cultural city and each year we welcome a large number of students to our city.

Coming to university is a fantastic experience where students will meet new people, make new friends and try lots of new things, while getting the best education possible. The environment of young intelligent minds brings a lot of energy and creativity to our university.

Students usually spend their first year living in halls of residence alongside other students. This valuable experience of sharing living accommodation within a multicultural, international and diverse community benefits their personal development.

The skills that students acquire by living in such a diverse community can be transferred to their professional lives, making students more open minded and culturally aware, which can give them an advantage when entering their chosen professional career after university.

In the second and third year many students move into the local community and live in residential areas, and this brings a responsibility of mutual respect. We emphasise to our students that they should show due consideration and mutual respect for others in the community.

Students in the community

Students live alongside members of the local community who include families with young children, the elderly, and people who work and study at all times of the day and night and students are told to take this into consideration at all times. Anti-social behaviour of any kind is deeply upsetting and disturbing to permanent residents as well as other students; and this is unacceptable to all.

DMU has established strong partnership links with De Montfort Students’ Union, DMU Security, Leicestershire Constabulary, Leicester City Council and local community groups. These links have enabled us to gain a better understanding of the community’s concerns, but also have allowed us to represent the views of our students.

In partnership, our aim is to create a safe and tolerant community that meets both the needs of our students and the wider local community.
We ask all students to consider their responsibilities carefully and to respect their local community to maintain the good name of DMU students. 

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