How can I stay safe when I am out?

  • Stay alert and be aware of potential danger. 
  • Appear confident, even if you don’t feel it. 
  • If you go out with friends at night, come back with them. Don’t go home on your own if you can avoid it, especially if you’ve been drinking.
  • Avoid short cuts. Stick to brightly-lit streets.
  • Stay calm if you’re threatened. Cross the street if you think you’re being followed. Can you run away or alert others? Do you carry a personal alarm?
  • There’s safety in numbers. If you think you are being followed walk quickly to a place where you are likely to find other people eg pub, garage and taxi office.
  • Cover up your valuables – don’t carry more money than you have to. Don’t keep it all in the same pocket. Don’t advertise your money, jewellery/personal stereo/mobile phone. Don’t attempt to fight off a thief as this can put you in more danger.

How can I protect my property?

  • Always shut windows and lock doors when you go out, even to the corner shop.
  • Lock your door in halls of residence.
  • During holidays leave valuables with a friend rather than in an empty property. If that’s not possible, at least hide them from view.
  • Postcode TV’s, Hi-Fi’s etc with a UV marker pen. Use your permanent home address and your Leicester address and postcode.
  • If you are not insured, get insured!
  • If you have a bike, always use a lock. You can get it postcoded free at any police station.

What should I do when I go to the cash machine?

  • Try to get your cash in daylight. 
  • Try to go with a friend. 
  • Make sure that nobody is too close.

What do I need to consider if and when I drink alcohol?

  • Remember you don’t have to drink. An NUS survey recently reported that, contrary to popular opinion, one in five students do not drink at all. 
  • Be aware of your limits. 
  • Don’t feel pressured to drink more than you are comfortable with. 
  • Don’t put pressure on others to drink when they don’t want to.
  • When drinking, your judgement can be seriously affected, even if you don’t feel that it is. In particular, avoid confrontation. 
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended. Don’t let people you don’t know buy you a drink.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has loads of information on keeping safe with alcohol.

Should I invite people back to my accommodation?

Inviting people into our homes can be risky and cause danger to others. Make sure you really do know the people that you invite into your accommodation. Making sure that your guests are people that you really know and trust is important for your safety and also because under your contract, you may be liable for the actions or damage caused by any guests that you invite in.

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