Silent Students Happy Homes

Student Services, in collaboration with De Montfort University's Security Department, Leicestershire Constabulary and De Montfort Students’ Union, launched the SSHH (Silent Students Happy Homes) campaign at the start of the academic term in 2010.

The SSHH campaign raised awareness of unnecessary noise that new students sometimes make whilst living in the local area, particularly at later hours when coming home from evenings out.

The campaign consists of handing out a student friendly pocket sized postcard containing useful tips to remind new and existing students to quieten down on their way home for the benefit of the local residents and their fellow student neighbours. Inside the pocket sized postcard is a large fizzy chewy sweet for students to eat on the way home from a night out to make them keep the noise down!

DMU Security has taken out large SSHH posters with them during Freshers' Week to remind our students to keep the noise down in residential areas. The posters were also placed up in communal areas in halls of residence.

The campaign has continued throughout the year in the form of electronic messages on Facebook and Twitter to remind students of the campaign and also to think of their neighbours and community all year round and how their action impact on others and also the institutions expectations of its students.

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