Settling in and community living

Each year the university warmly welcomes a large number of students to the city. Most students will spend their first year living in halls of residence alongside other students.

This valuable experience of sharing living accommodation within a multi-cultural, international and diverse community can help you with your own personal development.

Neighbours and the neighbourhood
Resolving conflict
Settling in tips for new students
Tips for successful communal living

Living in the local community

Some first year and most second and third year DMU students move into the local community and live in residential areas.

Together we emphasise to our students that they should show due consideration and mutual respect for others in the community.

Students are reminded that they live alongside members of the local community that include families with young children, the elderly, and people who work and study at all times of the day and night and to take this into consideration at all times.

DMU is committed to working closely with the local community to ensure that, in collaboration, we develop a safe and tolerant community that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Community partnerships

We are working in partnership with a range of community organisations, the police, De Montfort Students' Union, city agencies and community groups to gain a better understanding of the community issues and how we can collectively seek to resolve the issues that are impacting on the lives of local residents.

At DMU we aim to create a safe and vibrant community, maintain positive relationships with the wider community in Leicester. When everyone plays a positive part in their communities, we all benefit, and we hope that you will recognise this and enjoy being a positive contributor.

We aim to:

  • Help you settle in to your new community both on and off campus
  • Create a safe multi-cultural, international and diverse community
  • Maintain positive relationships with the local community 

To do this we offer:

  • Information on recycling and free services available to you from Leicester City Council
  • Tips and advice on successful living in halls and residential property
  • Student ambassadors to help you to settle in

We can:

  • Include you in focus groups to make positive changes on campus
  • Get you involved in a variety of community initiatives and events
  • Provide you with information on personal safety and crime prevention
  • Supply you with tips on how to recycle as much as possible and get you involved in recycling and healthy living groups and projects


Residents parking scheme

A residents parking scheme operates within the following areas, including streets close to the university's campus:

  • Area B - Hazel Street
  • Area C - Bede Island North
  • Area D - Riverside

Full details, including explanatory notes and application forms for the permits are available on the city council's website.

Students resident within properties within the above areas may apply for permits from Leicester City Council. A permit does not guarantee the right for the permit holder to park immediately outside the property in which they live. The permit will cover the whole area and therefore students who hold permits may park on any street within the designated area.

Pay and display parking scheme

Leicester City Council's pay and display parking scheme operate in respect of the following roads:

  • The Newarke
  • Newarke Close
  • The Gateway
  • Grange Lane
  • Ullswater Street
  • Rydal Street
  • Eastern Boulevard
  • Windermere Street
  • Thirlmere Street
  • Gateway Street
  • Henshaw Street

Further information can be found on the city council's website.

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