Neighbours and neighbourhood

If you are a first year student opting to rent in the private sector, the area you are living in will be your home for most of the year. We hope that you settle into your new rented accommodation off-campus.

You will now be living amongst the permanent residents of the local area who will continue to live here after you have graduated and moved away and below are just a few points you may want to consider on good neighbourliness and safety:

  • Avoid obvious signs that your house is a student house as student houses may be targeted by burglars. Keep the front of your house clean and tidy and use your wheelie bin and recycling bin properly. This has the added advantage of making you more popular with the neighbours and shows that you are taking responsibility within the community.
  • Once you have settled in to your new accommodation get to know your neighbours. It only takes a few minutes to introduce yourself and this can make such a difference. If you maintain good relationships with your neighbours they are more likely to look out for you and the security of your home while you are out or away.
  • Please try to remember that you are living in a residential area. Keep music down to a reasonable level as your neighbours may be elderly or have to get up early in the morning for work or put children to bed early at night. If you do plan to have a party be courteous and inform you neighbours beforehand and ensure them that you will make every effort to keep the noise down to reasonable levels. Your neighbours will appreciate that you are taking their needs into consideration and are more likely to consider you and your needs in return.
  • Try and avoid offensive and anti-social behaviour at all times - including shouting and drinking in public paces and in the street.
  • Please consider others when parking - elderly neighbours or those with babies or toddlers need to park outside or close to their houses. Also many streets within the vicinity of the city campus have parking zones that are designated for local residents so please be respectful of this.
  • Play your part in preserving the quality of your neighbourhood; keep the front and rear of your house tidy. Don't leave your dustbin on the street during the week as not only can you now be fined for this but it can block the way for people with disabilities, the elderly and families with prams and young children. Take your bin out the night before or on the morning of collection day. To ind out what day your bin is collected visit the Biffa website.
  • If you have large items of rubbish that need removing then take advantage of the Leicester City Council FREE bulk collection service for the removal of up to five large waste items. Call the Waste Management service line on +44 (0)116 252 7002 or visit the website and book online.
  • Try and get involved in your local community - there are lots of opportunities to do this. Your neighbours will appreciate that you are being responsible members of the community. If you are interested in volunteering and making a difference please contact INVOLVE VOLUNTEERING on +44 (0)116 257 6304 or email
  • Do take an interest and pride in where you live as it is your home and your neighbourhood.
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