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Supermarket tactics


  • Supermarkets put attractive gift items on display that are designed to grab your attention as soon as you walk into the store
  • All essential items are widely dispersed throughout the store. This is so that other ‘non-essential’ items can catch your eye as you walk around and the supermarkets encourage you to spend more money
  • Bargains are not always what they appear to be. For example, one customer picked up a 12 pack of toilet paper advertised as 30 per cent off. However, on closer inspection this was one of the more expensive packs on offer
  • Watch out for BOGOF offers. Before purchasing, check the price of individual items to see how much you will really save. If you don’t know for sure that you will eat this product or freeze it, then you may not benefit from any savings
  • When buying fruit or vegetables, it is better to buy these loose rather than in a pack. This is often cheaper and also means that by not buying in bulk, you will be more likely to consume these items by the sell-by-date
  • Products on the shelves at eye level are usually the most expensive items available. The supermarket’s own brand and value range (cheaper products) are likely to be on the bottom shelf
  • All products are sold as different brands and in different sizes. Shelf labels make it hard for you to compare what offers the best value. By looking up the metric measurements, you can check different products and compare the price per weight/volume to see which products give the best value
  • Note that supermarkets have all their magazines stacked up by the counter. They are strategically placed to give you something to do whilst you queue up to pay for your goods. And maybe add to your shopping basket.

General tips 

  • Don’t go food shopping when you are hungry as you are more likely to buy items you don’t need

  • Create a shopping list beforehand to only purchase what you need

  • Make a meal plan for the week and then stick to it!
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