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Recent research has shown that a third of all new students run out of money before their next loan instalment is due.

Being in financial difficulty can be extremely stressful and can interfere with the successful completion of your studies. Devising a budget prior to starting at university is crucial to financial survival and wellbeing. 

Remember that student income arrives in a variety of ways, grants and student loans  are paid termly and earnings paid weekly or monthly. So in order to get a clear picture of annual, termly and weekly income you will have to use some basic arithmetic. By putting aside some time regularly to check on your finances, you can avoid the horror of the forgotten bill and have a good idea of your current financial position.

For further ideas about being money smart look at our money saving tips.

Budget Planner

The Brightside Trust operate a fantastic online Student Calculator, which can be used to get a better idea of your finances. The calculator will check your eligibility for student loans and grants as well as help build a personalised budget plan. They also have a similar tool for international students called the International Student Calculator.

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