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Rent Arrears

It is always best to keep your landlord informed if there is going to be any delay in paying rent. You can also get some advice from the Student Finance and Weflare team about how to approach your landlord if you have problems either with rent or your tenancy.

Are you being asked to leave your property?

If an agreement cannot be reached with a landlord over rent arrears payments, the landlord may threaten eviction.  The landlord must serve a ‘Notice to Quit’ on the tenant giving a time scale.  If the tenant does not comply with this, the landlord may then go to court to apply for a ‘Notice Seeking Possession’.  Again there will be a time scale on this for the tenant.  If the tenant does not comply with this notice the landlord can go to court to obtain an ‘Eviction Order’.  An eviction cannot legally take place unless the above process is followed.

Attempting to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent without a court order is a criminal offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

If you need advice regarding eviction, please contact a Welfare Officer:

T: (0116) 257 7595, option 3, then option 4


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