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Pete Broadhurst

Pete first studied Social Science at Ruskin College, Oxford, where he went on to study at University of Leicester. He first studied Sociology and then Social Work. Pete is a qualified social worker, which he worked as for 14 year years before he came to DMU in 2013 to be a mental health inclusion officer, more recently Pete has changed job roles at DMU and he is now a mental health intervention officer.

Pete was in his previous role for 4 years and is moving into his new role nicely. He enjoys helping students and making sure they succeed in their course, Pete is very much a people person.

Pete’s favourite thing about DMU is how cosmopolitan the campus is, the fact that it is always a lively and groovy place to be. He also loves Leicester because it of course is the best place in the world.

Pete is a keen cyclist and runner; he cycles to work every morning which is his favourite part of the day because it is peaceful. Pete enjoys hanging out with his daughter in his time away from DMU, as well as resting his legs by lying on the settee after all his running and cycling!

Pete’s top tip for good mental health is simple and effective, he believes in doing more of whatever makes you happy.

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