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Disclosure of mental health difficulties

The word disclosure can be quite misleading because it can give the impression that someone has informed someone of a secret or something that isn’t usually talked about. When it comes to telling someone that you experience mental health difficulties, whether that be current or in the past there should be a positive gain to this.
When informing your University of your mental health difficulties it will be treated with the respect that it deserves. The information will always be handled in a sensitive and confidential way.
Why tell the University about mental health difficulties?
It’s an opportunity to get a good understanding of the full range of  support that is available to you. This is optional support and you can decide if you would like to engage with it or not.

You may be eligible for additional support which the University can support you to access.

It may be appropriate for you have reasonable adjustments within your course. These are typically minor changes that help reduce the impact that your mental health difficulties may produce.

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Some students declare their mental health difficulties to the mental health inclusion team, but ask us not to pass this information on to their course team. We would not pass this information on to anyone without a student’s permission.

The only time we would ever pass on information without a student’s consent would be in situations which suggest that the student may be a risk to themselves or other people. In these circumstances we would as is practical still try to obtain the student’s consent to pass on information.

Some reassurance

Information about your mental health needs will not be shared with others unless you are happy for this to happen and it is helpful to you.

When informing the University of your mental health needs you will not be judged, it is in fact a chance to ensure that there is less chance of any misinterpretation.

Just the fact that you have given the University some information on your mental health difficulties can often reduce a lot of pressure and fear that things may go wrong in the future

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