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Online coaching

How does online coaching work?

1. Please complete the online application form by going to mygateway|. You will be asked for your P-number to confirm your eligibility for the service
2. The information you provide on the form and your responses to a wellbeing questionnaire we will also send you will help us to decide if online coaching is the best form of support for you
3. We will then contact you to either set up online coaching or to discuss alternative support
4. Typically online coaching is conducted through six weekly email exchanges
5. As the coachee you can write one email per week up to a maximum of 1,000 words per email. Please give your coach at least 48hrs to reply
6. Depending on how the coaching progresses different arrangements can be agreed e.g. successful coaching might mean less frequent e-mail exchanges
7. On completion of coaching we will ask for your feedback about your coaching experience – what was good about it or what you feel could be improved
8. Please note that with online coaching emails are NOT encrypted. This is because unlike e-counselling the nature of what is discussed is usually less personal in nature. It is theoretically possible, though very unlikely, that emails could be intercepted or read by parties other than the sender and recipient. If you feel this level of confidentiality is not likely to be sufficient for the conversations you need to have, then face to face coaching might be more appropriate
9. In the case of technological failure/loss of contact we will contact you as soon as possible
10. In clicking 'agree' at the end of the online application form you are agreeing to the above

We want to help you as much as we can within our remit. If we can't help you, we want to point you to people who can.

We offer life coaching through email according to strict professional standards. We follow the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy| Guidelines for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. If at any time you feel that any of these are breached, we have both informal and formal systems to address any complaint you might have.

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