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Managing stress and anxiety

We all need a certain amount of pressure to work, but stress and anxiety can occur when we feel more pressure than we can cope with.

Excessive stress and anxiety can result in a reduced quality of work as concentration, memory capacity and thought processes are affected.

Prolonged experience of these common emotional difficulties can sometimes lead to ‘burn out’. While individuals vary in their capacity to absorb pressure, the goal of optimum performance is achieved when there is an ongoing healthy tension between being relaxed and energised.

How do I know if I am stressed and anxious?

We have a range of resources aimed at helping students who think they might be experiencing stress and anxiety. Our common problems page contains individual sections on stress and anxiety. In addition we also have the following Word documents: impact of stress, stress related to exams and anxiety information. As well as providing you with useful information and advice, these resources can help you check your own symptoms against a range of well-known ones.

Where can I get support?

Counselling is an effective means of coping with and overcoming stress and anxiety.  Information on how to arrange counselling  appointments can be foud here. Counsellors can help you identify the signs of stress and anxiety, work with you to develop effective strategies to deal with them and signpost you to additional information and advice. Our Mental Health Team can provide you with practical support in relation to your course. Information of their services can be accessed here.

‘My clarity of thought is greater. I didn’t know how to help myself in life and handle stressful situations. I was shown some practical techniques to cope with stress and this has raised my confidence. Having someone to listen to me made such a difference.’ (N, Art & Design)

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