Mature Student Case Study

Michael, BA (Hons) Business Studies, Part-Time

Going to university was always something I wanted to do, but I perhaps wasn’t ready for it at 18. I began working, specialising in public sector project management, however the jobs I wanted as a next step required a degree.  

Deciding to enrol as a mature student was overwhelming. I spent a lot of time searching for courses. I knew I had made the right choice when I arranged to speak with the course leader before making an application to DMU. She understood my concerns as she had been a mature student herself. All of the staff I have subsequently encountered at DMU made an effort to understand the demands and commitments that mature students have outside of the university.

Before the start of term, I was excited to begin my course but nervous about study and meeting a group of new people. The first few weeks of the course were really enjoyable, which was a pleasant surprise. There is a mature student community with regular events run by the Student Union.

The academic work itself turned out to be nothing to worry about. Over the first few weeks DMU ran a number of induction sessions that introduced us to the academic support available. There was a lot of supporting information provided, some of which I am still referring to four years later at the end of my final year. This support really helped me to start writing in an academic style within a few weeks of starting the course.

Since starting the course most of the changes I have had to make have been positive mental changes. I’ve become more organised; more proactive and motivated in my approach to study. I have already been able to apply many of the things I have learned to my work, and the qualification will now allow me to apply for more responsible roles.

My tips for other mature students would be:

  • Don’t be put off.  It is hard work, but soon becomes extremely rewarding.
  • Do your research before you make a decision
  • Ask for help, support or guidance from the people around you. Family, friends, employers, co-workers and others may be able to help. The staff I met at DMU will help with most things, academic or otherwise.
  • Finally, buy your books second-hand from the DMU Bookshop. This will save you some money,      and you can always sell them back to the bookshop when you are done!




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