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Adjusting to student life

Starting university is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities to take advantage of - some students can find this quite daunting.

These pages contain lots of information about the support available to help new students adapt to studying at DMU.

If you would like to speak to someone about preparing for university or you are finding it difficult to adjust to your new environment, the Transitions team can help you find your feet and cope with the challenges of academic study and independent living.

Settling in

It looks as if absolutely everyone is having a great time. Lots of individuals worry that they are the only one taking more time to find their own way.

In fact, we know that:

  • Up to 40 per cent of students feel somewhat or very homesick during Welcome Week
  • Many new students feel isolated and worry that everyone else is settling in better than them 
  • Celebrating arrival in large crowds is not to everyone's taste 
  • Large events often don't give an opportunity for real communication and contact 
  • Lots of people feel more comfortable in smaller groups 
  • Lots of people stay in their rooms because they find the crowds not to their taste
  • Starting university anywhere is like moving to a foreign country. The impact of the culture shock involved is often underestimated. It doesn't hit everyone at the beginning. Some people find the period just after the Christmas break difficult; others experience a low period much nearer the beginning of their time 
  • Despite the stereotype, one in five students do not drink any alcohol. Don't allow people to pressure you into drinking, or drinking more if you don't want to

Read your information

There is a lot to learn about your new university and much of that information can be found in the booklets that are sent to you before you arrive at DMU.

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