Your commitments as a student

Teaching and learning

  • Prepare in advance and plan your workload
  • Complete all your work to deadlines and learn from assessment and feedback
  • Share and discuss your ideas, participating in your learning and attending timetabled sessions


  • Engage with your Personal Tutor
  • In partnership with your tutors, take responsibility for developing university skills
  • Recognise and develop your employability
  • Keep the university informed of any changes in your personal situation via MyDMU

Take part in university life

  • Engage with De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)
  • Take part in academic and social activities across DMU and DSU
  • Engage with formal and informal feedback opportunities


  • Discover the services available to you and use them as needed
  • Be aware of the DMU guidelines and regulations

Dignity and respect

  • Develop professional standards of behaviour
  • Treat other students and staff with dignity and respect, both in person and online
  • Respect yourself, the university environment and the wider community


“Being a student at DMU is amazing, to ensure we all get the best academic experience possible the Student Charter has been created. By working in partnership with DMU and De Montfort Students’ Union you can shape your future.”

Amie Chapman, De Montfort Students’ Union Deputy President - Education


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