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What you can expect

These are the services that you should expect to receive while at DMU.
  1. Access to computers in student IT spaces, on campus, with hardware that is capable of running the software.
  2. Standard software on computers including word processors, spreadsheets, database systems and web browsers, supplemented where appropriate by other software tools. All software will operate within a current operating system.
  3. Systems for printing out materials attached to computers or through them using a local network (subject to a fee). 
  4. The provision of network connections, giving access to local networked resources and to national and international networks.
  5. The provision of a wireless network on the university campus and facilities which you can use with your own equipment. 
  6. On and off-campus access through any web-enabled computer to the university's learning and teaching systems, such as a web server, a virtual learning environment and myDMU.
  7. Access to personal data that the university holds about you, through a secure electronic online system – myDMU.
  8. An email system that is accessible from a web-enabled computer anywhere in the world.
  9. A storage area, accessible on and off-campus, in which you can keep electronic files and data. 
  10. A telephone system enabling you to contact the university and leave voicemail messages.
  11. Systems that defend university assets from attack.
  12. The provision of information about the availability of IT services.
  13. The ability to feed back opinions on service provision through surveys and other systems.
  14. The provision of information on relevant regulations and usage policies.
  15. Mechanisms to receive reports of technical and associated issues from students, and ensuring that these are dealt with and results fed back to you.
  16. Access rights to all student systems are terminated 90 days after leaving the university.
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