Printing is simple at DMU, just use your student card at any machine and you can print from and to any student printer at the university.

We have a fleet of 90 identical multi function devices available across the campus to allow you to:

  • Print double sided, using less paper
  • Print to any student printer across campus
  • Scan documents directly to your email account

How much does it cost?

Printing and Photocopying
 SizeTypeCost per side
 A4 Black and white 1p
  Colour 3p
 A3 Black and white 2p
  Colour 6p

*Please note that costs are per side, a double sided print will cost the same as two single pages.

And to help you save on printing, when you use our machines to photocopy you can choose to have the scan sent directly to your email, rather than printing it. Convenient, and green! 

Costs are standardised across the university, so you won't pay any more for printing in your own faculty than in the library.

How does it work?Just swipe your student ID card and touch the icon for print, copy or scan.

How does it work?

Just swipe your student ID card and touch the icon for print, copy or scan.

Select your file from the list, and touch 'Start Print'.

Place the original on the flatbed and touch 'Start Copy'.

Scan to email
Place the original on the flatbed and touch email. When you fill out the fields it will be sent to your DMU email account.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your work is 'print ready'. If you're not sure then please ask a member of staff. If a technical error has caused your document to be produced incorrectly, we can re-credit your account, but we will need evidence of this.

Make sure that you log out once you've finished so no-one else can use your account.

If you need any further assistance, then please contact the ITMS Service Desk on 0116 250 6050 or

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