Eduroam Wifi service

Following comments that students have made through faculties and in the National Student Survey, we have made a major update to our Wifi services.

From today, we are launching Eduroam, a new Wifi service which will not only give you an immediate improvement in performance, but will also allow you to access Wifi at university campuses around the country.

This is a significant step in improving your experience at university and is building on the work already completed with the Blackboard mobile app which is available for free to all DMU students.


Eduroam is an international educational wireless network which will be available to all DMU students from Friday 1 November. It also allows you to connect to the internet at any educational institution which has Eduroam services (currently 66 countries worldwide).


Until now, the DMU Wifi system has been liable to drop out, which meant users had to repeatedly sign back into the system, but the introduction of Eduroam will eliminate that issue, providing you with a greatly improved internet experience on DMU campus, and any other institute that runs an Eduroam service.


Eduroam is easy to set up and, once you have successfully connected, your devices will automatically go online while on campus. Eduroam provides you with a secure connection, which is a great improvement on the current open connection to DMU Wireless and ensures the security of your data.


To further improve the student internet experience at DMU, ITMS have also made upgrades to our internet service and have installed more Wifi points across the campus, both within buildings and outside in public areas, providing greatly enhanced coverage across campus.

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