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Deferral of assessments

On occasion students find themselves unable to complete an assessment or attend an exam due to circumstances beyond their control.


We define these extenuating circumstances as 'genuine circumstances beyond a student's control, or ability to foresee, and which seriously impair his or her assessed work', for example:

  • Acute illness or injury that is serious and debilitating and occurs at the time of the assessments concerned
  • The death of a member of your immediate family or a very close friend
  • Being a victim of a serious crime

It does not include:

  • Minor accidents or injuries, ailments (eg, a cold) or conditions that you should normally be able to control (eg, hay fever, headaches)
  • Symptoms relating to normal exam stress and anxiety. You should develop strategies to cope with this. Guidance and leaflets are available from Student Services
  • Extenuating circumstances that are not related to the time of the assessment
  • Negligence, carelessness or failure to manage your time effectively (eg, not getting up on time, going to the wrong room)
  • Bad planning (eg, booking a holiday or making travel arrangements).

In such circumstances you can defer (ie, postpone) the assessment but you will need to formally apply for a deferral.

We provide more information about the process, including notes on the evidence required and deadlines that must be met, on this page|.

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