i-Buddy case study - Myles

Myles McLean learnt volunteered for the i-Buddies scheme last summer “I had some spare time and wanted to do something useful that I would find enjoyable”

Myles, an English and Media student was matched with a Rafael, a new arrival from Brazilian. They met for a coffee. And as keen football fans they had a lot in common and ended up chatting for 2 hours. The buddies attended a couple of the Buddy Social events and also met up to watch the DMU Brazilian football team and attend the Varsity event.

Being an i-Buddy has also helped Myles confirm his own future plans. He will be spending a year at a partner University in Dusseldorf; he is currently learning some German and will be spending the summer euro railing. ‘I have loved meeting new people and talking with my Buddies has made me much more aware of issues when studying abroad….They have had the courage to study in another country and I do as well!’

Does Myles have any final thoughts on the scheme? ‘I have enjoyed helping people to settle into life in a new country – It has been a nice thing to do – it would be great if more students from DMU did it too – I’m happy to help get the word out!’

To find out more about becoming a buddy in Autumn 2016 email i-buddies@dmu.ac.uk


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