What our graduates say

Here are just a few comments from graduates about how DMU Graduate Champions has helped them.

Name: Shireen Hussain
Graduated: BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems
Workplace: Compass Group UK and Ireland

“I am delighted to have been offered a job at Compass Group UK and Ireland. DMU Graduate Champions is a fantastic scheme. It is a real unique selling point for the university and everyone needs to know about it.

“You have four weeks to work for a company, put everything you have learned into practice and you could get a job at the end of it, which is just brilliant.

“And even if you don’t get a job, the experience you gain will look so good on your CV and stand you in good stead for the future.”

Name: Simon Cross
Graduated: BA in International Relations and Journalism
Workplace: Communications Department at DMU

“This has given me an insight into the working world and has shown me a lot about working in an office atmosphere. It has given me a set of skills and another reference which is so important in this competitive jobs market. It has been an all round enjoyable experience.”

Name: Stephanie Barnes

Graduated: BA in Music Technology and Performance
Workplace: Events Team at DMU

“I was given the task of organising the DMU Graduate Champions event at the end of the four week placement. It was daunting at first as I had never organised anything on my own before. But as I started achieving things, such as sorting out the catering, it got more and more exciting. It feels good that my event brought people together. This is definitely what I want to do and my work will look so good on my CV.”

Name: George Crosbie
Graduated: BA (Hons) in Animation Design
Workplace: 360 Red Productions

“I am starting a job in animation next week at King Rollo Films in Devon, working on a new children’s’ animated TV series. My experience with DMU Graduate Champions undoubtedly helped me. When I mentioned I had experience working for 360 Red it definitely gave me an edge. The work experience gave me the chance to stretch my legs and push my skills in as many directions as possible.”

Name: Felly Kabengele
Graduated: BA Business Studies
Workplace: Easy4Communities

“The company has a new product launch in April so I was working on marketing strategies. It was a job with responsibilities, planning for media events and for social media campaigns. My confidence has been built up with this experience and the boss was very good in that they made me realise what good skills I have and that I should value them. It has encouraged me to go out there and find a good job.”

Name: Priyanka Balcrisna
Workplace: Leicester City Football Club
Graduated: BSc Computer Science

“I am now working for Styles and Wood Group plc. I think the DMU Graduate Champions scheme is amazing. As a graduate, you really need to show employers that you have commercial experience and that is exactly what DMU is helping us to do.

“I have told so many of my friends about DMU Graduate Champions and said they really need to sign up to the scheme. It is brilliant. I am so happy.”

Name: Sundeep Bhalsod
Workplace: Hotel Maiyango
Graduated: BA in Business Studies

“I was a marketing officer working on Twitter and Facebook and getting clients to sign up and follow us on social media. It was a great experience and it shows how much research you have to do to understand your clients. I also got to see how much hard work companies put into this. I would recommend DMU Graduate Champions. It will be good for future employment having this on my CV.”

Name: Andrew Olasehinde
Workplace: Hotel Maiyango
Graduated: BA in Accounting and Marketing

“My work was research based as I was tasked with looking at the products we offer and looking for potential customers. My boss is an entrepreneur so it was good watching him work and seeing how a business has to keep going and going to keep the business coming in. It has definitely added a new dimension to my CV.”

Name: Ronak Rajani
Workplace: Checkpoint Ltd
Graduated: BSc in Computer Science

“I was working in IT support where I was not only fixing computers but destroying old data, so it was a very responsible job. It was an interesting experience and I would recommend DMU Graduate Champions.”

Name: Abdul Nuhu
Workplace: Leicestershire AIDS Support Services
Graduated: BSc in Medical Science

“It has been a great experience. I was working as a HIV Research Officer, looking into where there were gaps in research and then applying for potential funding to enable us to carry out that research. This experience has made me more confident in the workplace and more confident in the skills I have got. The people in the workplace were incredibly helpful and working with them improved my communication skills.”

Name: Marc Noble
Workplace:  DMU Confucius Institute
Graduated: BA in Drama

“I have loved every minute of it. I was organising the celebrations for Chinese New Year. I had previously studied drama during which time I was a performer. Now I was looking at the other side and directing an event.  It also helped with my understanding of Chinese culture. I would definitely recommend DMU Graduate Champions to everyone. My employers tailored everything towards me  and it has helped my CV as it is now more events oriented.”

Name: Adam Harkness
Graduated: BA in Media & Communications and Journalism
Workplace: Communications Department at DMU

“I have found it very useful. At the end of the day this will look fantastic on my CV which will be great when it comes to going for a job. This is what I want to do in some form or another so this has been brilliant for me.”

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