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How do I turn my plans into reality?

Even if you know what you want to do in your next career step, sometimes acting upon a decision you have made can be difficult. Action planning can be a great way breaking down your overall goal into small, manageable actions or objectives. We have support available to you as you work through each step.

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 I do not have the information I need to turn plans into action


What is stopping me?

No information?

No support?

No advice?

I do not know what practical actions to take


What is stopping me?

Lack of know how?

Lacking experience?

No track record?


I know what practical actions to take next


What is stopping me?

Lack of self-belief?

Lack of confidence?

Lack of will power?


I have the information I need to turn plans into action


What is stopping me?





If you think that you lack information, support or advice to help you with planning, then click below to access a range of support:

Make a careers appointment


My Career Builder

Intelligent career quiz

Career pathways


What can I do with my degree?


What job would suit me?


If you think that you are lacking experience and want to develop practical planning techniques then click below for a range of opportunity to do so:

Get an internship

Get a placement

Start volunteering


Get a temporary job




My Career Builder

DMU Professional award


If you want support to help deal with the things that hold you back, click on the links below to access our support.

Make a careers appointment

Contact coaching

Contact counselling and well being

My Career Builder








If you want practical tools to help you to act on plans click on the link below

My Career Builder

CV builder

Interview simulator

Elevator pitch builder

Career assessments







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